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Drive with care:

Drive Careful and not like a maniac. Like accelerating slowly. Always be looking 2-3 cars in front of you to anticipate any sudden stops you might need to make due to something happening in front of you.  Drive at least 2 car lengths behind the car in your lane.  Don't drive like the idiot who comes up on your "rear end of your car" like he/she owns the road. You know what I am talking about and don't be one of them!! When it is cold out, start your car and let it idle, don't rev the engine. You want to allow your fluids to warm up and move freely and allow them to start circulating. If it's below freezing outside, allow your car a minute or so to warm up before driving it hard. 

Watch for Engine Warning Signs:

It's OK to drive your car for a short distance with certain warning lights on, but there are three that you do not want to ignore.  They will cost you money sooner than later. 1.The Engine Oil light, 2. The engine temperature gauge and 3. The brake light. Get in the habit of glancing at your engine's temperature gauge and warning lights. If these lights come on, pull over as soon as it's safe to do so and shut off the engine. You ignoring these situations will often become an expensive engine rebuild.

Check your Brakes:

From time to time have your mechanic check your brakes, pads and routers.  When he suggests you have them done, do the entire job.  Don't try and be cheap in this area.  Your brakes can save your life along with your loved ones.  This is not an area you want to ignore.

Don't carry extra weight in your trunk:

Not only will it cut down on your gas mileage, it causes wear and tear on your engine and all car parts. Extra weight adds stress to critical systems and causes premature wear.

Do Your Regular Maintenance:

Skipping regularly scheduled maintenance is one of the quickest ways to assure your car's lifetime will wind up in the "Car Obits" early. ~ GUARANTEED! Regular oil changes and oil, fuel and air filter changes allow your vehicle to run without problems: clean air and clean fuel, plus fresh, uncontaminated oil to prevent wear and tear. These are so inexpensive to do on a regular basis. It will also allow your mechanic to spot problems before they become big ones that will cost you a lot of money down the road.  Your vehicle manual will give you pointers on things you need to do. Buy a New Battery it will save you headaches and is priceless!! It will mean the difference of turning your engine over in the dead of winter when it is 32 degrees below zero.

Change Oil and Other Vital Fluids:

Your car's fluids will often be changed during regular service intervals, but it's important enough that we wanted to remind you again. As you drive your car, and even if it just sits in the driveway, your car's fluids degrade. Check them from time to time.  It takes about 5 minutes of your time. That is so important because each of the fluids in your car is vital to the long-term health of the engine, transmission, steering or brakes. Simply keeping the fluids topped off isn't enough because over time they lose important properties — like their ability to remove heat and lubricate, as well as the ability to prevent rust and freezing. Just these little things mean huge savings and extend the lifetime of your vehicle.

The fluids are ~ Transmission, Differential, Brake & Power-Steering Fluid; Oil; and Antifreeze. Windshield washer fluid? Not so important however if it is in the middle winter and you happen to be driving behind an 18-wheeler, you will hope that you have plenty of fluid to keep your windshield clear so you can see.  If you have been in a situation and you have run out of fluid, you know how quickly it becomes a real problem.  Not being able to see everything in front of you, clearly, is a BIG PROBLEM!  BETTER STILL HAVE A SNOW PLOW PASS YOU AND YOU KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!!

Routine maintenance service is much less expensive; it should cost about $150 to get your transmission fluid flushed and replaced, and another $100 to do both differentials. If you have a small problem with your car, get it checked out sooner rather than later.

Find a Mechanic You Trust:

Find a mechanic you trust intuitively. Think of maintaining your car as a partnership between you and your mechanic. Or, more precisely, between your bank account. Having a good working relationship with your mechanic will enable you to make wise decisions when the time comes — and you won't have nagging doubts about the truthfulness of what you're being told. Just always remember, it is not the mechanics fault your car has a problem. He is just there to fix it and get you on your way.  Don't shoot the messenger.  Your mechanic does not like giving you bad news either. A great mechanic will treat you like friends and family. Just ask around, if there is one-person people know about is a good mechanic.

Discuss Your Concerns With Your Mechanic:

Not everyone wants a car to last for 200,000 miles. If your mechanic knows you're in this for the long term, they will spend a little more time looking thing over when you bring in your car. Ask him to keep in mind what your concerns are as he works on your car.

If You Can't Avoid Salt, Wash Your Car Frequently:

You live in a part of the country where snow is a factor almost 6 months out of the year. As a result, salt is something that will eat at your car.  It will allow you to travel safely, however, if you do not take time to wash your car, it will eat at the body, not just what you can see, but the underbody as well. During the winter, when there's salt on the roads, wash your car's undercarriage as often as possible. You'll remove much of the salt that's eating away your car.

Today, it is not uncommon to own a car that is several years old.  If you take care of the regular routine things, you can drive your car for a very long time.  The thing is, if it is paid for and you just need to do regular maintenance, you will drive your car for much longer than you imagined.

 Stay safe and don't forget to thank you mechanic.  He will appreciate it!!


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