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 (218) 728-0022

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Call us if you have a question about what you should have done as winter is just around the corner.  Our staff will be happy t0 answer any of your questions.  We look forward to helping you with your vehicle.  With our harsh winters ...... it might be a great idea to come in and get a tune-up.  Check the major things that make your vehicle run.  Our winters sometimes are hard on your car or truck.  A great tune-up can help eliminate those unwanted surprises that come when we least expect them and especially when we least want them. A complete tune-up we find saves you money in the long run.  When your car does not perform at its peak ability, other parts suffer.

Stop By

If your vehicle isn't performing as it should be, please call or stop by and allow one of our technicians to inspect your vehicle. At Kenwood Muffler & Brake Auto Center, we strive to provide you with superior service and we work hard to maintain a high ethical code of conduct, so you'll know that your vehicle is in, competent, hands.





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